TASK: Symbolism in literature is where an object, person or situation has an additional meaning to its literal meaning. The symbolism of light and “the voice” in Chapter 9 is used to show Joe’s changing circumstances and his reaction to them. 1~ Use pages 132-133, 135 and 139-40 to explain what light symbolises in Joe’s […]

MOOD refers to the atmosphere (or feelings) created in a passage of writing. Words that might describe the “Mood” of the passage are: threatening, restful, nostalgic, peaceful, chaotic, joyful or jubilant, sad or melancholic…etc. TONE refers to the attitude of the writer (in our case, the narrator) towards what is happening in the passage. Words that might describe the “Tone” of the passage […]

1~ Explain why contrast is used in these sections of the text. How does contrast assist the reader to understand Joe’s feelings and experiences in this chapter? The contrast between the darkness of inside the crevasse, where he was, and the light of the moon and stars above him, states to the reader that Joe […]

List some of the problems the men face trying to get down the mountain. Include quotations from the text (pages 85-94) to support these ideas. In chapter 6, Joe and Simon face problems when trying to get down the mountain. The major problem that they come across is Joe breaking his leg. Because of this […]

State your point/ topic (first sentence)- Simon’s narration is significant in “Disaster- chapter 5” Expand with relevant background detail- Simon’s narration is told through Joe’s perspective,, however Simon validated Joe’s account as ‘fair and correct.’ Simon’s “voice” reveals that he resented Joe’s injury and that he felt justified in distancing himself from Joe. Examples (specific)- The text states […]

1~ Pages 71-73. Explain how language and writing style techniques were used to draw the reader into Joe’s experiences in this section of the descent. You may wish to comment on: imagery, emotive language, figurative language (simile, metaphor, personification, hyperbole), dialogue, syntax (sentence structures) and/or narrative voice. Language and writing techniques are used in this […]

1~ “ON THE EDGE”- HOW IS THIS PUN USED EFFECTIVELY TO SUMMARIZE THE EVENTS IN THIS CHAPTER?? Chapter 4 of ‘Touching The Void’ involve lots of life threatening events. The pun- on the edge, is used to summarize the events in this chapter by having two meanings to it, the first meaning being literally on […]

1~ WHY ARE THESE LINES INCLUDED IN THE TEXT?? WHAT DO THEY REVEAL ABOUT THE AUTHOR?? This piece of text is included to show that Joe and Simon are proud of their accomplishment and feel victory as they reach the summit of Siula Grande. However it reveals to us that after reaching the top Joe […]

1~ WHY WOULD THIS TECHNICAL JARGON NOT BE EXPLAINED IN THIS TEXT?? Technical jargon used in chapter 3 such as the sticht plate, and honeycombed snow, are not explained it this text. This is mainly because the reader should have enough common knowledge about the words placed around the technical jargon, to realise what these words and phrases […]

Describe the relationship between Joe and Simon in this chapter, including important quotations. How are the men interdependent and why? In chapter 2- Tempting Fate- of ‘Touching The Void’ events that take place show how their relationship helps them during times like these. Together they encourage one another and insure that the other is ok. […]