Every morning I would wake to the beaming sun wrapping itself around the white peaks. The rays slowly creeping their way over the mountain top, reflecting a gold glow off the fluffy, powdered snow as they do so. I crawl out of my bottom bunk to take a glance through the window, overlooking train tracks cutting the valley between the most majestic mountain ranges I’ve ever seen. I pleasantly watch as the sun slowly lights up the whole area, bringing life to the singing birds and the sleeping people like a mother waking their child. Making its way across the small village of Vallorcine, between the green pines, and up through my window, glistening into my sleepy eyes. I feel its warmth on my cold pale skin, as I proceed to close my heavy eyelids and bring a slight smile onto my face, grinning at the world. I drag my bare feet along the freezing polished concrete, down my hallway, and up to the big wooden oak stairs. A slight pause as I build up enough energy the lift my half asleep leg up the first step. Continuing up the staircase all the way to the top, I gently trail my fingertips along the smooth metal handrail. After completing my last stride, I shuffle my way to the sliding doors, pull them open and hesitantly tread onto the frosty grass, not-yet exposed to the sun. Feeling each tiny blade of sharp ice between my toes as they grown numb.

Morning is a different kind of pleasant now. Through the thin material walls of my room, I hear the rooster crowing outside, deafening my ears. I whack the wall as if turning off my alarm. The sun pierces its way through my yurt window instantly heating up my entire room like a sauna. Radiant rays of light make me drift back into a dozy daydream, wishing I could forever be flying through this warm-hearted world in my mind, when a fluffy presence makes its way up my bed, towards my face. A wet tongue quickly strokes across my closed eyes, suddenly welcoming me back to real life, reminding me to get up. Forcing myself to slowly slither out of my warm nest in the rising sun, I proceed to prepare for another dreadful six hours of school. I dawdle my way across the field, walking my bare feet mindfully, step by step, feeling the raw Earth underfoot, and the way it ever so slightly heats up as I step onto the dry dirt. Progressing towards the strong smell of coffee being made in the shed, it’s as if that were my motivation for the day.

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  1. There are some engaging images presented across two different timeframes here, Phoebe – Well done. Read through this writing out loud to ensure that the sentence structures are accurate. You may also wish to vary your syntax in places, causing some sentences to flow together and others to be separated – this would create some effective links or breaks. Lastly, watch any unnecessary repetition of vocabulary or sentence starters: “the” or “I”. All the best for your final submission today.


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