Most people at some point in life feel as though they do not fit into the crowd around them. I decided to explore the theme “Standing out from society and feeling like you don’t belong.” The films and texts that stood out to me as evidence of this theme were the Netflix series The Get Down, by Baz Luhrmann, the song Creep by Radiohead, the book The Boy in The Dress by David Walliams and the book Wonder by R.J Palacio.

*write what i have learnt from the texts

In the series ‘The Get Down,’ one of the main characters Mylene Cruz is a young girl from the South Bronx and daughter of the church pastor. Mylene has a huge passion for singing and is inspired by her idol Misty Holloway to become a disco-star. However her father will not allow her to sing anything other than church music, this makes her feel misplaced in her surroundings or as though she doesn’t belong. Mylene proves her feelings to her father and the public one day in church, when she takes of her church robe to show underneath a revealing dress. She lets out her hair and begins to belt out a disco song. This point in the series shows Mylene turning against her father to pursue her dream and not her father’s. Baz Luhrmann helps us understand that it’s ok to disobey people as long as you follow your dreams and be true to yourself to find your place in society.

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