26th February 2018

~~Tempting fate – Chapter 2~~

Describe the relationship between Joe and Simon in this chapter, including important quotations.

How are the men interdependent and why?

In chapter 2- Tempting Fate- of ‘Touching The Void’ events that take place show how their relationship helps them during times like these. Together they encourage one another and insure that the other is ok. On page 32-33 everything seems ok and the pair of climbers are relaxed and enjoying the climb until they realise the danger of being right in the fall-line of the overhanging cornices. Joe yells “rocks!” to warn Simon to watch out, and after the heavy blows of rock fall Joe asks Simon “you okay” and Simon replies with a “yes!” and they continue on to get out of this danger zone.

Interdependent meaning dependent on each other, how they work as a team:

The two climbers are interdependent along this adventure as they work as a team to get to the top of this first climb of their journey. During the whole 2nd chapter they are guiding each other through the tough parts of this journey, at the end of the chapter they reach the top of the almost vertical face to find somewhere to rest for the night. They begin to get snappy and sick of the climb as they get near to the top but they then have a quick change of mood when they conquer the slope and are almost able to have a sleep. They search for a cosy bivi but are unable to find one

Describe the environment in this part of the climb? What does the environment require from the men and how do they react to the challenges presented to them?

The environment during the climb in chapter 2- Tempting Fate seems like quite a challenging environment. The face they are climbing is described as an almost vertical slope made up of mainly ice, rock and deep snow. This requires hard work and concentration from the men so nothing bad is to happen. When they are faced with a challenge such as a rock fall as stated in my first answer and on page 33, they hope for the best and do all they can to prevent themselves and  each other from getting hurt, and they then continue to escape the danger.

What does the reader learn about Joe’s previous experiences in a similar environment by the end of the chapter? Why might this section of the text be important? Identify any language/ language techniques used purposefully in this section and explain their purpose (effect on the reader’s understanding). 



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